Payment and shipping


The cost and delivery time of your order are estimated online at the checkout.
The cost estimation is performed according to the weight of items and their shipping destination.
We deliver orders anywhere in the Puerto Rico and the U.S. 

Shipping methods

A courier like United States Postal Service or FedEx will deliver your order right to your doorstep.
You can also pick up your order in the SELLER physical store or place of business.


Pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover Card when you place an order in our store. uses Stripe Connect as its Payment Processor. is an online e-commerce website where vendors can sell their products, services and deals, and buyers (general online public) can make purchases online. Our sellers may include general stores, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, spas, etc. selling articles such as clothing, jewelry, watches, eye wear, phone accessories, electronic equipment, weekly deals , etc. Customers are charged the moment they buy an item (make a purchase) through our marketplace. Funds are withheld from vendors 14 days and if there are no returns or complaints from buyers, fund are transferred to the vendors account net 15 days.