Welcome to Tu Nuevo Clasificado Multi-Seller Marketplace

How does the TuNuevoClasificado Multi-Seller Platform Works?

Tu Nuevo Clasificado Multi-Seller is an e-commerce system that allows you to create an online store within minutes.

In TuNuevoClasificado.com independent sellers like you can sell their products, articles, services, deals and promotions through a powerful store.

TuNuevoClasificado.com advantages:

  • Sellers are provided with a powerful plug and play e-commerce platform where they can start selling instantly.
  • Customers buy premium products, articles, services, deals and promotions from different sellers within the TuNuevoClasificado.com platform.
  • Each seller automatically gets his or her payments via Stripe Connect. TuNuevoClasificado.com pays its sellers rapidly as soon as a transaction has been approved by the customer and no returns have been requested.
  • We pay our sellers NET 15 DAYS.

TuNuevoClasificado.com is the 1st Real Multi-Seller Marketplace in Puerto Rico. Apply for a Seller account and start selling online.

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